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Teena Hughes loves Paris, France

This blog is for little updates whenever I want to share something with a Parisian or coffee theme. If you’d like to see the website where I write purely about the Paris I love, pop over here:



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  1. adacha says:

    hi teena

    my name is adacha. i’m a cuban living in usa for 20 years. after working hard as an inmigrant and raise my only daughter finally i’m getting to paris. i was looking for info because i heard that french people does not like people who speak english or spanish and i don’t want to miss a single detail. i’d learn to love paris throught pictures, but finally i’ll be smelling paris for real. your site is really , really helpfull, not just because the info you provided, but because i can feel your pasion for paris. you even have info for plus sizes like me !!. i’ll appreciate your details, pictures and tips. you are the kind of person that can transmit enthusiasm just at a glance. thanksssssssss a lot !! i’ll be in paris by december 24 could you give a suggestion about what to do or where to go in paris on the 24 and 25 ? i heard a lot of places could be closed ?? thankssssss again !! adacha

  2. Eugene says:

    Where did you get your milk frother in Paris? We just broke ours and need one.

    • Frenchified says:

      Hi there Eugene,

      Thanks so much for dropping by! When my milk frother glass breaks, I look for a regular coffee pot the same shape (like Bodum) and then use the milk frother’s plunger. I haven’t found a place to buy the same frothers I get apart from on http://Amazon.com >>

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