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(how to speak french)! – Fun and Quick Results!

July 19, 2011 1 Comment

. french.thebestxyzreviews.com . (how to speak french) – How to Speak French – This page contains advice on How to Speak French. As a language with over 300 million speakers worldwide, French has many regional variations. Learn French – Learn to Speak the French Language Online Easily. French language course. Grammar lessons and vocabulary lists. […]

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How to speak French – The Months

May 31, 2011 No Comments

This video about How To Speak French – The Months – is so easy to understand and follow. You’ll be repeating and remembering the months in no time at all. Let me know what you think :-) One thing about how to speak French- pay close attention to the pronunciation, when speaking French try to […]

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What’s on your Paris schedule?

Wondering what you can do while you’re in Paris? I have created a page on my website called PARIS...

Drinking champagne, in Seine in Paris

One of my all-time favourite things to do in Paris is to take visitors on a Champagne cruise at...