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Paris Shopping at Heteroclite 75006

Paris Shopping at Heteroclite 75006

October 10, 2010 No Comments

While wandering through Paris shopping, I came across Heteroclite, a gorgeous little store with fabulously unusual clothing for women of all sizes. Click photo to zoom I love the layered clothing look, and Heteroclite in the 6th arrondissement has some gorgeous wearable art. Don’t think this store is only for smaller sizes, you’ll also find […]

Shopping in Paris at Lefranc Ferrant

September 8, 2009 No Comments

This little shop caught my eye because of the wildly bright colours of the clothing – fabulous! The store name is LEFRANC FERRANT, named after the two owners – BĂ©atrice Ferrant and Mario Lefranc, who are well known for their eclectic tastes and oft-times surreal fashions. Here are my photos of what was in their […]

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Plus Size Shopping in Paris

August 14, 2009 No Comments

Paris is well known as a fashion capital, but one of her secrets is that there are some wonderful plus-size shops and stores for the fuller figured woman. I have bought some gorgeous plus size clothes in Paris – some even on sale! – and found stores from budget plus-size to exclusive outfits. I host […]

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Happy Hour @ Printemps

August 10, 2009 No Comments

You’ve been shopping all day, your feet are tired, you don’t want to fight the hordes in peak hour trying to get home, so what’s a girl to do? Whether you’re on holidays in Paris or living here, why not pop into Printemps store for a well-deserved rest and cocktail hour? You can read about […]

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