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Bought a ticket from Sydney to Paris!

January 5, 2012 No Comments

I'm going to see Eiffel Tower in Paris!I did it! I’ve booked my flight to Paris!

In June this year I’ll fly from Sydney to Guangzhou (pronounced Gwang-joe) in China. to Paris. I’ve never been via China before so it’ll be a mini adventure on its own.

I’ll be catching up with old workmates, reminiscing about the good ole days when we all worked in an advertising agency, and our only client was IBM!

Can’t wait to have a fresh Parisian croissant (and other yummy pastries like a “millefeuille” – which literaly translates to a “thousand leaves” of finest pastry. You haven’t lived until you’ve had one :-)

Then there’s all the cute little restaurants I’ve been reading about and simply must visit.

A major big change since the last time I was in Paris is that there are now a bunch of Aussie-run caf├ęs selling the Arabica style of espresso coffees (lattes, etc) that we’re addicted to in Australia. I’ve never really liked the Robust coffee beans or chickory flavoured coffee more common in Paris, so this is a wonderful new adventure for me!


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