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What is the Easiest Language to Learn?

September 7, 2011 5 Comments

What’s the easiest language to learn? Visit institutoicsa.com for the answer and for tips on learning any language fast.

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5 Comments to “What is the Easiest Language to Learn?”
  1. Ma010S says:

    Can somebody tell me what the easiest langauge is for Turkish speakers : )?

  2. matthoenn says:

    @Ma010S Azeri.

  3. Ma010S says:

    @matthoenn A Turkish speaker can understand Azeri almost totally.It is not a foreign language.Thank you : )

  4. matthoenn says:

    @Ma010S It is a foreign language. As a Dutch speaker I can understand Afrikaans, but it is still a foreign language. Other than that…….. I’d say Arabic, or Ottoman then Arabic.

  5. Ma010S says:

    @matthoenn Arabic is totally a foreing structured language.Ottoman is a type or Turkish;it is called old Turkish.

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