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what are the best food to eat in paris? i will be there for 5days.?

July 14, 2011 1 Comment

I will be living closed to downtown, where the Eiffle Tower will be… great place for lunch and dinner?
many thanks….

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One Comments to “what are the best food to eat in paris? i will be there for 5days.?”
  1. Rorie says:

    I went there a few years ago, and there are many different types of small cafes near the Eiffel Tower. Also, there are more than just French restaurants in the area. You can probably find a Greek, Italian, or other cultured restaurant as well.

    The one thing I highly suggest you try while you’re in Paris though, is a crepe. They are very popular and you can find them at street vendors and many restaurants. Try both a savory crepe (something maybe with cheese and veggies or meat, depending on what you like) and a sweet crepe (fruit and powdered sugar, chocolate and almond spread, etc). They are absolutely delicious!

    Also, I suggest you buy this book:

    or just borrow it from your local library. It has tons of descriptions of great places to eat, see, and do while in Paris. It’s super helpful and informative.

    Have fun on your trip!

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