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Learn to Speak French : Numbers 1 to 10

July 27, 2011 25 Comments

This is the first of three videos about numbers in French. In this video, you can learn the numbers one to ten easily and quickly, with a short, simple video. A mini test is included at the end.

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25 Comments to “Learn to Speak French : Numbers 1 to 10”
  1. jjawsome1000 says:

    @pinoko1311 lol thts funny

  2. bunniXbabi says:

    thanks dude

  3. CheekyChick2010 says:

    5/5 xxx

  4. bleachoverlord says:

    10/10 thanks for helping me ‘”"”"”"”"”":D

  5. bleachoverlord says:

    10/10 thanks for helping me ‘”"”"”"”"”":D 100/100 100 1000000000/1

  6. MsVinsa says:

    i know how to say em, but, i can’t say number 4 it’s flippen hard!

  7. xVSxDarkBlazer69 says:

    number 8 sounds wierd Lolz

  8. SincerelyDebonairre says:

    18 – (dix- neuf) everyone laughs in french class cuz it sounds like “des nutts” smh 0_o

  9. magicllydelicious says:

    i can’t pronounce number 8…. that’s really hard to say.

  10. nightmaresoul17 says:

    @SincerelyDebonairre That Be

  11. cecethlove says:

    @magicllydelicious You can just say ”oui” and then you add a ”t” at the end :D

  12. cecethlove says:

    @SincerelyDebonairre It’s so funny to hear what you laugh for in French class. When we are in English class we laugh because of the infinitiv ” to bit ” because in French bit means ”penis” :D

  13. vincemints says:

    very helpful, thanks

  14. hamood1234fool says:

    Why did not you start from zero?

  15. caryalvarez says:

    umber 4 is like saying CAT

  16. justmeamara says:

    what was i thinking when i singed up for french for 7th grade next year ugh my grade will be a F—

  17. TayHiro says:

    @hamood1234fool when someone tells /you/ to count to ten, do you start at zero?
    didn’t think so.

  18. blueblearybluffin88 says:

    @Ironmaiden1836 just say cat but make the T sound almost unhearable I hope this helps p.s. I speak French

  19. missleeleemerrygold says:

    @blueblearybluffin88 i thought it sounding wrong our french teacher fromf france exams in 2 weeks this VID NOT HELPING

  20. SubRosa33 says:

    very good technique h ere

  21. MrMohsenkhalid says:

    @Ironmaiden1836 it is so easy saying number 4 i dont know what your talking about ya dum

  22. TeknikAlity34 says:

    I just took French this year and wish I would’ve taken it all 4 years instead of 3 years of that stupid, annoying language we hear everyday called spanish.

  23. 546046 says:

    @Ironmaiden1836 Dude, it’s basically “cat”.. not hard at all

  24. ShopWithAllYourMight says:

    I got all of them wrong. xD

  25. angelinatheninja says:

    Thank you I’ve never even studied French before this but I’m picking up fast! But one thing though y did u only test us on five numbers and not 1 through 10?

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