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How much does it cost to eat in Paris? And shop? and party(clubbing)?

July 9, 2011 1 Comment

I am going to Paris for a week and I am not bringing a lot of money. I just need to know if what I am bringing is enough. Also if you know cheap places please tell me. Tried to be as detailed as possible PLEASE!!

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  1. adrenochrome42 says:

    Food is probably going to be your smallest expense. Please, please, do yourself a favor and skip the fast food. Do not get breakfast at your hotel. It will set you back at least 10 euros and is usually disgusting. A coffee and croissant at the cafe next door will cost a third of that, add an orange juice and it will be much better.
    You can eat great sandwiches for 3 euros with a soft drink, and lunch menus are usually cheaper than dinner. It’s worth splurging on one really good meal. Some places have great menus for 22 euros for lunch, 37 or so for dinner, including welcome drink (kir, usually), starter, main and dessert and half a bottle of wine per person and coffee. I particularly like this group of restaurants, (site in English) http://www.bistrocie.fr/anglais/accueil_int.html.
    Going to a cheese shop or a charcuterie is also a great experience, and you can pop into a supermarket, or even better, Nicolas (http://www.nicolas.com/ , they’re all over town)for a bottle of great wine under 5 euros. Which is a good idea for souvenirs too, as those are usually overpriced and faintly tacky. An Eiffel tower keyring about hits the limit.
    A book of 10 metro tickets will set you back 11.40 euros. The best tip
    is to use one for a Batobus, the water bus. It goes along the Seine from the Louvre to the Hotel de Ville, and beats a Bateau Mouche by a mile. You can also buy a full day pass for 12 euros, so you can use it as many times as you like. Also, you use a regular metro tickets for the Montmartre train.
    Forget shopping. First, everything will be more expensive than in the US (no, you won’t get a bargain at Vuitton), and second, you have better things to do, like sightseeing and just walking around. Yes, the museums are fantastic. The Eiffel Tower usually has a huge line. Get there early and you’ll wait less, or, if you’re in shape, walk up the stairs. It will be cheaper, you’ll ditch the wait in line, and have the story to tell. Another alternative is the Tour Montparnasse, which offers a fantastic view of the city, and if you go after sundown, you can see the twinkling Eiffel Tower. It also has the added advantage that you won’t see its own ugly bulk. If you have the time, take the train out to Fontainebleau and see the chateau, it’s a nice trip. It’s also interesting to go to some lesser known areas, such as Bercy, which has a great huge park, a quaint area full of restaurants (Cour St. Emilion) and some fun places to go out across the river the Batofar (an old fire boat with good concerts) and the Cabaret Pirate. The new high speed metro line takes you there quickly. By all means, go to Quartier Latin, Montmartre, all the places in the guidebooks, but try some new things too. Have the best ice cream of your life at Berthillon, and walk around the Ile St. Louis.
    Buy a little magazine called Pariscope, it will tell you everything that’s going on in town (provided you can read French or know someone who does). About clubbing, I’m no help, as I don’t do that kind of thing anymore ;-) I do recommend, however, that you avoid the usual ‘tourist look’. Make an effort, everyone in Paris does, and you will feel more comfortable going out (and be treated better, but not much) if you look good. I don’t know your style, but a pair of Converses beat Nikes for looking like a local, or some great boots that you can walk in.
    Check some websites for good clubs. This one’s pretty good : http://www.sortiraparis.com/
    Enjoy your trip!

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