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Good places to eat in Paris?

July 21, 2011 1 Comment

My husband and I are going to France this October and I am looking for any good places to eat. I know we would like to have at least one dinner that is more fancy, but otherwise what are some nice places close in the city?

Also, what are the best shops for chocolate, wine, cheese, etc? Thank you!
To the first two answers, why even bother to come in here and write that? That’s just as rude as you claim the people in France to be.

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One Comments to “Good places to eat in Paris?”
  1. STPabroad says:

    Wow! People sure are mean. I just want to say first that I’ve had a great experience in Paris and love living in this city.

    There are TONS of great places to eat in the city. To name them all is impossible. But the Zagat guide does a pretty darn good job.

    For a more personal recommendation, try the following:

    Vendanges, 40 rue Friant, Metro Porte d’Orleans

    Le Bec Rouge, 46 bis boulevard Montparnasse, Metro Montparnasse Bienvenue

    Both are excellent, prices are about midrange.

    But the best part of Paris is just going around and discovering unique places. Try to stay away from the main tourist areas, and instead just go around the corner.

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