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Strange things in Paris, what should I do?

June 18, 2011 No Comments

I was born in Epinal, in the Vosges. I am an only son, my parents were both teachers, and my father was an amateur violinist, so he introduced me to music. I went to the conservatory in Strasbourg when I was 13, and had to leave at 15, because I had trouble with my lungs. I spent a year in a sanatorium, was cured, enrolled into a conservatory in Paris, and now I am a first violin in a string orchestra and live all alone at 14 Rue de L’Aloutte, 7th arrondissement. My life is very uneventful, though I do travel a lot with my orchestra, even to the USA. But everything changed. It started this morning, when I was in Munich with my orchestra. My copains nailed my shoes in front of my door in the hotel, where I put them to be polished. They are constantly playing pranks on me. So, I had to fly back to Paris wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe. At home, I took a bath and tried to brush my teeth, strangely, there was shaving cream in the toothpaste tube, and toothpaste in my shaving cream. I do not understand how they changed places, I used both tubes before and they were fine. And nobody finds this strange! Then I went running to the park with a friend from the orchestra, Maurice, and he had visions and heard voices! He is a strong, athletic man, and very normal. I went back home and someone rang the bell, I opened and there was a very beautiful woman, who came to ask for violin lessons for her six years old son. She invited me to come and have a look at her father’s collection of rare musical instruments, too, after my concert. During the concert, I snapped a string, and it hit my nose. I went to that woman afterwards, and she was all alone, and we started kissing and had champagne and then we had sex all night. Everything is so strange and unreal, not like my life at all, more like some movie or something. What should I do?

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