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Nice places and things to do in Paris ? (Question for locals)?

June 10, 2011 1 Comment

What are mus do /see/ try things in Paris? I know I have to go and check out all the main tourist places, but are there any other interesting places? Great restaurants? Places with amazing views of Paris? ( will there there 4 days from Feb 28 – March 3)

And are they any good Mexican, Chinese, Thai or Japanese restaurant in Paris ?

I’m interested in cheap restaurants and places to have lunch or a snack…

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One Comments to “Nice places and things to do in Paris ? (Question for locals)?”
  1. TheGuit says:

    The "Must do" things are the things for tourists… there is a reason for that!

    I would say that with 4 days, you will not have enough time to to every tourist thing properly, so you will have to make choices
    Personnaly, I would suggest to stay at least a week, but sometimes, you have to deal with the time ou have ;o(

    if you want less known places, One place that is not so well known is the Sainte Chapelle, but you have to visit it by a sunny day, otherwise you will be missing the "vitraux" (colored windows) that are best viewed when in sunlight
    Place des Voses is also a great place with nice buildings (you can also go there by night)
    Try to go to Montmartre (walk up, or take the "elevator" if you are too lazy/tired ;o) ) and walk in the small streets up there… it is a great athmosphere! (but his one is well nown by tourists)

    France is also known for its cuisine, and I find it surprising that you want to try mexican or asian food in Paris! :oS
    I would rather suggest to try French restaurants in France !!!

    You don’t need an adress for snacks: they will all be the same. I would suggest you to go to a "boulangerie" (place where people buy bread) but one that is not in a tourists places, and there, buy a normal sandwich, you will get good quality for a normal price.
    If you stay in tourists areas, be sure you will pay more for less quality (as in every tourists place in the world!)

    If you are in Paris, I would recommend you to do one good meal in the everning, not only snacks and cheap restaurants.
    If you are Ok to pay 45 euros per person, a very good adresse is "chez les anges" (google it => http://www.chezlesanges.com ). The chef is a great cook, and the price is more than ok compared to the quality of food you will get there. Count additional 30-40 euros for a good bottle of wine to go with your meal… it will be worth it!
    I don’t think you can say you have visited France without having had one good meal with good wine!

    Otherwise, try to get lost in the streets and discover places by chance, it is the best way to discover the city.

    You can have a look at the questions in this section, you will get a lot of interesting recommendations (some of theme are mine, so they are good, of course ;oD )

    Have a nice stay in France!

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