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Learn To Speak French – Simple, Easy Method From Rocket Languages

June 22, 2011 7 Comments

havereviews.com – Do you want to have fun while learning conversational French quickly? I’ve discovered the secret to becoming a confident French speaker and I want to share it with you! Rocket French Premium is the FUN way to learn French.

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7 Comments to “Learn To Speak French – Simple, Easy Method From Rocket Languages”
  1. jarred45610 says:

    i can count to 10 in french


    i pronounced all of these

  2. TheGreatFlyer says:

    @jarred45610 Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix :)

  3. PeytonSkye2000 says:

    why is it that like all languages say six

  4. timcruijf says:

    @PeytonSkye2000 Not in all languages, in dutch we say zes instead of six

  5. gabrielagust says:

    @PeytonSkye2000 no in icelandic its sex

  6. FantaziKKa says:

    @PeytonSkye2000 in lithuanian “šeši”

  7. viking2001 says:

    @PeytonSkye2000 In Norway we say seks instead of six. In Finland they sey kuusi. Italian sei.

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