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How much money does it cost to eat in Paris per day?

June 16, 2011 1 Comment

I am going to Paris for a month and I am especially concerning about food. How expensive is to have three meals a day there? What would be the least possible amount, just enough to not to die from hunger?:) I’ll be renting a room there, so I might cook myself sometimes.

thanks for any info!

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One Comments to “How much money does it cost to eat in Paris per day?”
  1. Rillifane says:

    If you are truly seeking to keep your costs to the very minimum then the previous estimates of 50 euro a day are on the high side..

    For breakfast eat like a local and have some bread or a croissant with butter and jam and a cup of coffee for breakfast in your room. If your room has no facilities for making coffee then buy one of those small devices that can be put in a cup of water to heat it and a supply of instant coffee.

    Eat your main meal at lunchtime when prices are considerably lower than at dinner. Along the rue Mouffetard, rue de la Huchette, rue St. Severin, & rue Xavier Privas (all in the 5th arrondissement) you’ll find dozens upon dozens of places where you can get three courses and a drink for under 15 euros. The food is not, admittedly, the epitome of French cuisine, these areas cater to tourists and impoverished students but its at least as good as American fast food or most British pub grub.

    For dinner go to most any supermarket and you’ll find take away sandwiches and soft drinks. If you have some cooking facilities and refrigeration in your room you can buy all sorts of prepacked reheatable meals. There’s quite a nice place just to the north of the Pantheon (I’m sure it has other locations too) that specializes in prepared meals to take away.

    French law requires that cafes, restaurants, etc post their prices in plain view where they can be viewed from the street. Spend some time wandering around whatever neighborhood you are staying in and look for reasonable prices.

    Even with all this I am assuming that you will be eating at least one meal in a restaurant or cafe every day and buying prepackaged meals rather than buying basic groceries and doing your own cooking. Obviously if you lived on bread, sandwiches, ramin noodles, and vegetable soup or salads prepared in your room the costs would be even lower.

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