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What are good night life things to do in Paris, France for two people who have never been?

May 31, 2011 4 Comments

Looking for things to do in Paris:  My sister and I are going to Paris and we want to know about the night life in Paris for two twenty year olds. Stuff like Clubs and tours or any. Anything would be really helpful.

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4 Comments to “What are good night life things to do in Paris, France for two people who have never been?”
  1. SexyVampire V says:

    Paris is fuuulll of things to do at night!! Just walking on the Champs-Elysée with all the lights is amazing. There’s this great club there, also in the Paris 8eme you can find great clubs… there are a couple of pubs and night bars on all the commercial streets… and of course you’ve GOT to go o the big tour wheel on the Place de concorde at night its beauutiful!!
    I live there, so if u have anymore questions…
    Have fun

  2. Rillifane says:

    Evening cruises on the Seine can be quite nice. The various major sights which are close by the river look particularly lovely when illuminated at night.

    There’s a very rich nightlife and whats good for you will depend on your own tastes.

    My own favorite hangout is Aux Trois Mailletz at 56 rue Galande in the 5th arr. There’s a cabaret in the basement and a piano par on the ground floor. There’s a friendly crowd of both locals and visitors. The "regulars" are very welcoming and its the type of place where musicians come after they’ve finished working their own gigs.

    I’m also fond of the Piano bar in the basement of Harry’s Bar at 5 rue Danou. George Gershwin composed "American in Paris" on the piano. Harry’s bartenders invented the Bloody Mary and the Sidecar among other cocktails. Its the place to go and pretend you’re Hemingway.

    Le Petit Journal at 71, boulevard Saint-Michel is a great little jazz club that tends toward Dixieland style jazz. ( http://pagesperso-orange.fr/claude.philips/ )

    Of course there are a lot of dance clubs. You might want to check out Showcase (http://www.showcase.fr/) which is under the Pont Alexandr III.

  3. Luc R250cc says:

    look up "discoteque in paris"

  4. uncookedspud says:

    Climbing the Eiffel tower while drunk. I’m not sure if you can but would be fun don’t you think.


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