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How to Speak French – Funny video

May 31, 2011 25 Comments

This video is rather funny – like a mini movie, almost a parody of French, I really enjoyed it.

If you’re learning how to speak French, they’re are some great tips and videos on my website – http://A-Night-in-Paris.com – enjoy!

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25 Comments to “How to Speak French – Funny video”
  1. berenicethegirl says:

    @13laciotat je sais pas…

  2. extrem547 says:

    wtf, i’m french and I don’t really understand what they say, I have to read the english subtitles to understand :s

  3. DustyLeatherJacket says:

    lol, I’m french and this is so fucking funny!

  4. Thekzace says:

    Americans suck at speaking French OMG. e _e
    Atleast I try, unlike others

  5. lakoweb says:


  6. lakoweb says:

    I’m bilingual. It sounds like google translate. However, the girl is pretty.

  7. ProudOfNormandy says:

    @lakoweb I’m loving my new profile picture men amin eul horsain ;)

  8. lakoweb says:

    I’m sure you do, faggot.

  9. fredlesson says:

    Cute sexy accent ah ah!!

  10. 1sansnom1 says:

    What the..??I’m French and I have to say that this is not French, and doesn’t really seem like google translate.So what is it?

  11. GoSTy91 says:

    OMG WTF?! I don’t understand what they say and I’m french.

  12. mrlopez2681 says:

    YUCK – for some reason Americans have a hard time with the french “R”, its as if they are almost embarrassed to say it properly. This is ghastly to say the least!!

  13. AmaoNoBolso says:

    LE NEZ=dont pronouce de ZZZ( le né) and never mind if your accent is not parisian or wathever. think about jane birkin how cute she was with her english accent.

  14. IHasTheRabies4Yaoi says:

    Google translate is a beetch, guys. Don’t use it IRL.


  15. PaNIcPeRCePTioN says:

    wow…shit accent you guys…

  16. PaNIcPeRCePTioN says:

    @1sansnom1 A shitty attempt at French…no accent…It is French…in english…so…Franglais haha…but seriously…this is shit

  17. OdrayLtd says:

    La fille fait au moins une erreur par phrase quand elle parle dans le restaurant!!!!!!!

  18. xxxvousyou says:

    Can someone let me know what songs are in this video?

  19. ConlangFan says:

    This was fun, even though I didn’t learn a thing xD

  20. ThePokeworldest says:

    Lesson 3 : CE N’EST PAS DE LA POéSIE ! C’est juste du shit …

  21. vranakkk says:

    Lon Harris!

  22. TheHaggiseater49 says:

    Michael Gallagher?? from Totally Sketch??

  23. Omer1985ful says:

    What kind of crap is this?

  24. kingmobz says:


  25. bubbleman2002 says:


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