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Paris Shopping at Heteroclite 75006

October 10, 2010 No Comments

While wandering through Paris shopping, I came across Heteroclite, a gorgeous little store with fabulously unusual clothing for women of all sizes.

Paris Shopping at Heteroclite 75006

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I love the layered clothing look, and Heteroclite in the 6th arrondissement has some gorgeous wearable art. Don’t think this store is only for smaller sizes, you’ll also find some fabulously forgiving pieces for the more Rubenesque figures (like mine :-)
Check it out:


52 Rue St André des Arts
75006 Paris, France

tel: 01 43 25 44 45
Metro: Odeon

There’s also a second store on the right bank in the 4th arrondissement:


54 Rue Roi de Sicile
75004 Paris, France‎

01 42 78 87 35‎

Metro: Hotel de Ville or Saint Paul

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