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Teena’s Webmaster Lunch

September 24, 2010 No Comments

I have finally downloaded my photos from this fabulous catch up we all had in Summer Hill.

Our group was small but that didn’t stop us from having fun and enjoying each others’ company :-)

It was Sunday 25th July, 2010 at Envy Cafe:

Above: Neil & Margo of http://ski-holidays-vacations.com.au

Teena's Webmaster Lunch 25 July 2010 with Karen & Geoff Auckett

Above:  Karen and Geoff came a long way to be with us! http://chocolate-recipes-galore.com & http://how-to-fondue.com

Teena Hughes' webmaster lunch - 25 July 2010 - with Michelle Rea
Above: that’s me on the left with Michelle Rea of http://inspired-by-michelle.com & http://a-night-in-paris.com

All in all we had a lovely winter’s day in an area we knew little about, so it was nice to wander the shops after lunch.

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