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In a cafe at the Sacre Coeur

September 23, 2010 2 Comments

One wonderful day in Paris I spent wandering through the textile stores and falling in love with everything I saw, and was overwhelmed by the amazing Moline stores where I bought gorgeous bric a brac :-)

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I settled down in a café to rest my weary feet, and ordered a croissant and a café creme as I watched the world go by. I chose this particular cafe because it was at the foot of the Basilica Sacre Coeur, such a commanding and beautiful church atop the hill.

I always have my notebook with me, so I can sketch or write or even staple business cards and postards in, as the journal of my daily adventure – they’re wonderful to look back on when I’m back at home, as they conjure up the memories and emotions of that day.

Do you write in a journal when you travel?

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OK have to dash … more photos soon, I promise :-)


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2 Comments to “In a cafe at the Sacre Coeur”
  1. I think I might have been to that cafe! I definitely had to have a sit down and a cold drink when I went in the height of summer. Great blog :)

    • Frenchified says:

      You probably have :-) Yes it’s a great area, every time I visit Paris I go to this area to buy fabric, see artists, and enjoy the Montmartre atmosphere.

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