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Techie Brekkie with the iPad in Sydney

April 21, 2010 3 Comments

Just got back from a fabulous breakfast @ a French café, Le Pain Quotidien in Leichhardt (a suburb of Sydney’s inner west), and I’m all a-buzz, and a-twitter :-)

I got to hold and use the iPad, still a rare species here in Australia, so I was VERY excited!

Yes, that’s me above with the iPad in my hot little hands – woohoo!!

What a treat Tony Consetino – http://twitter.com/thelatteguy – had in store for us today, at the weekly #wscm (Inner West Sydney Coffee Morning) – the delightful Hugo Ortega – http://twitter.com/MrMobilePC – brought along some techie toys for us to drool over and it was wonderful!

At the table we had an iPad, a Kindle, a Tega and a plethora of iPhones – be still my beating heart!

Also with us today was Paul Wallbank — http://twitter.com/paulwallbank — techie guru with whom I had delightful discussions about how technology is changing society – the plus and minus, and how quickly new technology is being born.

We also discussed the fact that big business (as well as other businesses) have failed to capitalise on the benefits of using Twitter as a first-step Help Desk. The speed of finding out customers’ problems has never been greater, so the huge opportunity to SOLVE issues quickly is also of great importance.  These days, any disgruntled customer (whether it be about an airline flight, a hotel, or simply a restaurant meal) can tweet their displeasure — and if ‘newsy’ enough, the tweet can be retweeted a hundred-fold in an instant.

C’mon everyone – if you have customers or potential customers, use Twitter to answer questions, solve issues, and show the ‘human’ side of your business or service.

We also talked at length about Apple and how clever Steve Jobs is with what I call the ‘Apple marketing algorithm’, knowing how to build up excitement for pre-sales, creating the scarcity factor (only 2 iPads per customer), the delays in delivery etc … and how well it continues to work for Apple.  Paul and I are on slightly different sides of the Apple fence, but see eye-to-eye on the facts of Apple’s hold over the marketplace.

The delightful Penny Walters  – http://twitter.com/pennywalters -  joined us, and all in all it was a faaabulous Techie Brekkie (a new phrase I coined today) :-)

Helen Crozier – http://twitter.com/HelenCrozier – arrived just as I was leaving, on crutches and after an epic journey through the Sydney morning traffic.  I hope we’ll catch up next time Helen!

Thanks everyone for a fab morning, looking forward to connecting again soon!

See you soon, A Bientot!
Teena Hughes

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3 Comments to “Techie Brekkie with the iPad in Sydney”
  1. Karen says:

    Oh! Who's a lucky little possum!!!

    How cool was this?!

    Thanks for posting – wish I'd been there.

  2. Hugo Ortega says:

    It was fantastic seeing you today and hearing your stories too Teena! Looking forward to meeting you again soon. Cheers. :-)

  3. Abfab Art Studio says:

    Hi Karen and Hugo,

    thanks for dropping by! Loved the Techie Brekkie – what more could a girl ask for? :D

    Thanks too for these tweets:

    awesome post Teena! Love your work (both here and on Paris!)

    Teena love your blog. It was indeed a "faaabulous Techie Brekkie"!

    RT @ANight_in_Paris: ► #wscm Today's photos ► http://ow.ly/1B1an great wrap up of todays iPad morning with good photos


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