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Xmas Brunch with website friends

December 14, 2009 3 Comments

About two years ago I met a bunch of lovely people who lived all around the world, in an online forum where we were learning and discussing websites, SEO, travel – a whole host of things :-)

I started a group for those of us in Sydney, and two years later we’re still meeting for monthly Webmaster Lunches!

On Sunday we met up for our end-of-year Webmaster Xmas Brunch and had Secret Santa gifts and yummy food. Here we are:


Left to right: Airplane-Geoff, Skiing-Neil, Cake-Michelle, Airplane-Karen, Frenchified-Teena, Public-speaking-Natalie and Public-speaking-Paul!

The meals were huge, the lattes and chocolates hot, the weather fine and summery … all in all a fabulous day :-)


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3 Comments to “Xmas Brunch with website friends”
  1. CraigMac says:

    Good to see there was plenty of wine with which to dine! Best wishes for the festive season. Craig

  2. Abfab Art Studio says:

    Thanks Craig,

    We missed your happy face! Hopefully we'll see you soon.

    Ho Ho Ho!
    Teena :D

  3. Abfab Art Studio says:

    We're famous!!

    I replied to a reporter (using HARO from my recent newsletter) who was looking for info on Secret Santas — so I told him our story …

    Check it out – we're on a New York Wall Street tech journal online – woohoo!

    We apppear on PAGE 5 of Michael's article.

    I used Google Alerts to let me know when the phrase "Random Santa Xmas Brunch" was used online :-)



    The Worst Secret Santa Gifts Ever | Smart Spending | Mainstreet
    By Michael Schreiber
    PAGE 5: We've been meeting now for two years, and this was last Sunday — our Random Santa Xmas Brunch… Seven of us could make it, so we had to bring a gift that was $15 and suitable for a man or woman. Between the seven of us, …

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