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Waiting for my first published book to arrive!

December 13, 2009 No Comments

In a recent post I mentioned that I was self-publishing some of my photos of Paris.

A-Night-in-Paris.com Vol I

Well the fingernails are chewed down to the first knuckle as I wait in fevered anticipation for its arrival from the US – I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself!!

I used http://Lulu.com for the first book, and already have a second one in mind :-)
After going over all the technical details, pricing, sizes etc in a more thorough manner, I’ve decided to publish the next one with http://Blurb.com
Having a print-on-demand book is so rewarding, so fulfilling, so absolutely totally marvellous and ego-boosting, but … and there is a ‘but’ (not a “butt”) ….
To sell self-published books online it must be affordable to the purchasers.
Blurb.com’s pricing structure fits better in my scheme of reselling my books (notice I said ‘books’ plural – oh how clever of me! and so exciting!) – as I know what I’d be willing to pay for a book of photos online.
So with baited breath and trembling with much anticipation, I will go to the post office tomorrow to see if it has arrived, and if it HAS, then there;’ll be photos here on the blog and a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge, all the better to toast with :D
Ciao for now
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