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Delightful Clothes in Paris at Juliette Ozouf store

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http://www.a-night-in-paris.com/news/57/61/Shopping-for-Designer-Clothes-in-Paris-at-Juliette-Ozouf.html Posted via email from a-night-in-paris’s posterous

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I love French love phrases

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Hearing French is soooo romantic, makes my heart beat faster :-) Read more here: http://www.a-night-in-paris.com/french-love-phrases.html

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Delicious Budget Couscous in Paris 75018

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Couscous is served in lots of great restaurants and bistros in Paris, and although it’s not originally a French dish, it’s very popular … and is one of my favourite things to eat in Paris. Read more on my website: http://www.a-night-in-paris.com/news/56/61/Delicious-Budget-Couscous-in-Paris-75018.html

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Cafe Couleurs Creole Restaurant 75013

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Great menu at Cafe Couleurs In June 2008 my friend and I were staying at a hotel in rue des Cordelieres, Paris, and one night we wandered around the corner looking for a place to have dinner. Read more: http://www.a-night-in-paris.com/news/55/61/Cafe-Couleurs-Creole-Restaurant-75013.html

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What’s on your Paris schedule?

Wondering what you can do while you’re in Paris? I have created a page on my website called PARIS...

Drinking champagne, in Seine in Paris

One of my all-time favourite things to do in Paris is to take visitors on a Champagne cruise at...