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Week 3 in Paris

June 22, 2008 No Comments

How can it be my last week about to commence??
I’ve had a simply wonderful time, and am loving every minute of being here – living here – and can’t wait till I return next year.
I’ve been unable to write for a week while I was teaching my silk painting workshop, which included lunches and dinners with students, plus the new apartment I’ve moved into for 2 weeks doesn’t have internet access.
So – I found an internet cafe – but of course I can’t download any photos until I get back to Australia.
Sigrun – my silk painting friend from Iceland – hasn’t been here for about 20 years so we are having a great time checking out restaurants and shops and just enjoying ‘being’.
One night last week we had dinner with a couple of my French friends in a delightful restaurant, and when Sigrun saw Chateau Neuf du Pape on the wine list, we just HAD to have it … oooooohhhhh la la, delicieuse!!
Ciao for now!
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