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Day 07 : Rain, beautiful buildings, art exhibitions

June 12, 2008 2 Comments

Thursday : Today was a great day – stormy and wet – but lots to see and do.

I took some photos in the Metro, and show just a couple of them here.

Above: you can find maps everywhere in the metros to find where to change trains. In the photo above is a map I remember fondly from my early days in Paris in the 1980s – it has a list of all the metros below the map, and you press the name of the metro you’re heading to.

Above list of metro stops – once you press the name of the metro you want to end up at, little lights appear on the map above, showing different colours for each line you need to take. You can easily see where to change trains. This is great, but unfortunately there isn’t one of these at every stop.

Above : the French version of a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, called a CROQUE MONSIEUR. Thick crusty bread covered with sliced ham and a cheese sauce, toasted under the griller. Yum yum! This one was at Le Roi du Cafe at Marx Dormoy the other day.

Above: outside 32 Boulevarde Houssman looking towards Galleries Lafayette.

Above: Getting closer … here’s a stand selling tourist stuff with umbrellas covered in French designs – old artwork, French words etc – click the photo for a close-up :-)

Above : inside Galleries Lafayette, several floors of amazing shopping. From each level you can look across to open shopping and up to the amazing ceiling. Beautiful!

Above : I loved this colourul shoe shop!

I headed back home in the pouring rain for an hour or two before going out later.

I was invited to an art Exhibition opening – called a Vernissage – in the 5th, 275 Rue St Jacques, at the Paris American Academy. I was introduced over the internet (via a colleague in San Francisco) to Peter Carman, who very kindly invited me to one of the student’s exciting exhibition.

I had my dressy shoes in a nice carry bag, and slipped them on just before entering the exhibition. Wearing comfy shoes for navigating the metros is a must, and it was a good tip I’d read about carrying the ‘good’ shoes for entering restaurants and stores, anywhere where one wants to look well dressed :D

Sophie – the artist – paints acrylics and oils on canvas, often together, which gives a very interesting finish. Huge paintings of faces, which I really liked – very realistic.

Above: From the street, looking into the art exhibition.

Above : I met some fellow Aussies, charming chaps – Hendrikus from RMIT Melbourne and Stephen, an economist.

Above: Miguel from the Guatamalan Embassy in Paris, and Peter Carman, President and Executive Director of the ParisAmericanAcademy.edu

Above: Peter with one of the Professeurs of the Academy.

Above : Hendrikus and Stephen with one of the American artists who attended one of the courses.

I had a marvellous evening meeting a fabulous selection of people from around the world, and when I headed home at 9pm, it was still light – I love that!

Three hours later my feet had had enough, and it was time to slip on the comfy going-home shoes.

Waving goodbye to all and promising to visit RMIT Melbourne in the near future, I was so happy and full of joie de vivre – joy of life …

Once I got back to Marx Dormoy metro, I was pretty tired from so much walking today (also between metros underground!) and decided I was too tired to make anything for dinner. There are lots of little restaurants between the metro and the apartment, and I chose an Indian one. The ‘Formule’ of 3 course was reasonable at 15 euro ($A22), very small portion for the lamb rogan josh but tasty, and the dessert of gelato citron (lemon gelato) was piquant and quite delicious, AND it was lime green.

Are you sure I don’t live here yet? :-)


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2 Comments to “Day 07 : Rain, beautiful buildings, art exhibitions”
  1. Lili says:

    Teena, You are having such fun! But all of us here have gained twenty pounds from looking at all those pictures of great French food!!

    Lil and Family
    –in Jamestown Ny–

  2. Frenchified says:

    Hey Lil,

    So glad you’re enjoying the photos!

    Imagine how much weight I gained from testing all those French flavours on your behalf, haha!


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