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Day 05 : meeting friends in Paris

June 10, 2008 No Comments

I woke at 5:30am this morning, after a great sleep, and even though I’m on hols, I couldn’t go back to sleep … so I made a cup of Earl Grey tea and savoured it whilst looking out over the apartment blocks I can see from the front floor-to-ceiling windows. A gentle grey dawn, no-one about, lovely and quiet.

Missing my cat Mooshie …

This morning I’m contacting people I’m planning to see whilst I’m here, and I’m sending off my new cellphone number to everyone – ooohhhh I love the internet for its ease :-)

I’m meeting Frederic this afternoon and Gabrielle this evening for dinner, with her friend Barbara, at Lamark-Caumartin metro so only 4 stops away. I’m so pleased to be staying close to where my friends are!

As the morning has progressed the sun has come out in full force, another 27degC day – delicious! I got a bit of sun yesterday and am a nice shade of pink this morning :-)

Things I’d forgotten about Paris and snippets of information:

  • many people take their washing to a laundromat, of which there are many in every suburb
  • most apartments have bar fridges, not full-sized ones
  • many apartments don’t have an oven – in this one where I’m staying, there’s an electric kettle, a little 2 burner hotplate and a microwave in the miniscule kitchen – the floor space is about 2 feet square, with everything in tiny cupboards up high, so you can cook or do the dishes without moving your feet in any direction :-)
  • many apartments and older hotels have showers which are miniscule with tri-fold doors – when fully open the gap to get into the shower in this apartment is 13″/33cm and you have to step UP into the shower (I think these should all be floor-level, and replace the glass doors with shower curtains, but hey – that’s just me :-) – the shower is actually 31″/78cm wide and 26″/66cm deep – measure that on your shower at home, and then allow for the plumbing which is all inside the shower, which is hand-held … see what I mean? bathtubs with showers over them are a much better option
  • groceries are bought fresh each day, so no need for larger fridges
  • drinks are not served with ice – ‘glacons’ – you can ask, but you might not get any (so make your own at home).

Knowing all of this is normal for the French or at least the Parisians means that if one was to live here, you’d adjust to the local way of life.

A plus tard! Later!

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