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Day 04 : Breakfast at Marx Dormoy ‘s Le Roi du Cafe

June 9, 2008 2 Comments

Monday morning. Today has dawned beautiful and sunny, and after a ten hour sleep, I was awake at 6am and bright as a button.

I went out for a walk with a plan – buy croissants – come home and make coffee.

But it was so lovely out and there were cafes open everywhere as well as many boulangeries (bakeries) that I went for a little walk and ended up on the main street, just near the metro Marx Dormoy. I passed a cafe called Au Roi du Cafe and the sign outside looked pretty cute, so I went in.

Breakfast in France is called “petit dejeuner”, and it’s shortened to “p’tit dej”, so that’s what I ordered. For 7.50 euro, I could have a hot drink of my choice (I went for tea as I’m a bit of a coffee snob), a glass of juice (not freshly squeezed, but tasty), one croissant and some baguette (already buttered!) with a small pot of jam.

I sat there and watched the early morning workers head off to the metro and the bus, the delivery men bringing fresh produce to the cafes, the cars and everything else which passed before my eyes.

I was wishing I’d brought my phrase book with me to study a bit more, but I’ll do that next time. I actually learnt some grammar last night which I hadn’t known before, and which I was quite pleased about :-)

The apricot jam was delicious, and I totally forgot that 99.9% of cafes serve UHT/long life milk, so after my teabag had steeped for a while, and I poured in the milk, I wasn’t prepared for the tell-tale odour of the milk until I brought the cup to my mouth for the first sip of tea.

Ahhhh can’t have everything the way I expect :-) I am in a foreign country and I do want to experience life as a local.

More later!

Ciao ciao


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2 Comments to “Day 04 : Breakfast at Marx Dormoy ‘s Le Roi du Cafe”
  1. Natalie says:

    Hi again Teena
    Great to see you’re getting out & about in Paris and having such a good time! Certainly looks lovelier than the rain we’re having back here in Sydney! All your pictures are so wonderful, and really make it so much easier to be able to imagine you there. The apartment does look very cosy but not cramped, and I’m delighted that you’re able to make decent coffee :-)
    Keep having fun and please do keep sharing!!

  2. Lili says:

    Teena, I am so happy for you. What fun trip! The story of the Abu Dabi airport was a hoot! Sounds like you’ve settled in beautifully now. How cool! I love the pictures! Unlike you I like chicory coffee, but — one does need to suffer for ones ART. –joke — Have the best time ever!

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