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Day 03 : Sunday in Paris, baguettes, croissants, coffee

June 8, 2008 1 Comment

After an 11 hour sleep, I woke at 7:30am as bright as a button, and as I lay there I daydreamed about living here, which I’m sure I’ll do at some point in the future :-)

Those of you who know me well will not be surprised when this happens …

I was thrilled that Bruno has his computer connected to the internet so I can type notes about my daily meanderings as a journal for me, and a little snippet of life in Paris for you.

I moseyed out about 8:30 to buy croissants in the same Boulangerie (bakery) I found yesterday, but there was a different ‘serveur’ today who wasn’t as chatty as the lady yesterday. I asked where I could buy ham for lunch, and she directed me to the markets which are indeed open today. I moseyed up and down the three rows of produce – butchers, bakers, greengrocers, charcuterie (deli food) and more.

Above: on the left a plain croissant – “croissant au beurre”, and a “pain au chocolat” – chocolate croissant.
For lunch I bought a baguette, and from the charcuterie stand I bought a slice of fabulous duck pate, a scoop of Kalamata olives, 4 small stuffed capsicums called ‘poivrons’ with cream cheese inside. At the greengrocer I bought vine ripened tomatoes, avocado and a banana, and I must say it’s lovely to have all this outside my door, just one street away. It’ll all make a yummy picnic lunch, or even dinner.

Yes, I will buy wine later – probably a Cote du Rhone.

In Paris and indeed in France it’s most normal to buy food for one day, and baguettes are always eaten the first day and thrown out – never used the second day as they’re so inexpensive and are a staple food item.

As there were very few people around this morning, I didn’t feel comfortable taking photos, but I will do when there’s more of a crowd in the streets.
When I got home I had no trouble unlocking the door – phew! All these little things with their idiosynchracies make for an interesting day :-)
I have brought my Italian coffee pot with my – my Bialetti screw-together one – and a packet of La Vazza coffee, so I put that on the little two burner electric stove. I’m so used to gas stoves that this electric one seemed to take forever to heat up. I put some milk on to heat up too, and when it was ready I poured it into my milk frother to make thick creamy milk for the latte, which I served with the croissants – yum! It’s fabulous to be able to make brekkie at home :-) There’ll be plenty of other times when I’ll eat in cafes, but this is so nice today.
Next thing I did was go online to Gabrielle’s recommended radio station, so I’ve been listening to a mix of French and English songs all day – so laid back, cool groove. Try this link – hope it works!

Today I have a few things I need to do, and as it’s grey and overcast, it’s a good rest day too.

More later – “a bientot” – which means “see you soon!”

Ciao for now,

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One Comments to “Day 03 : Sunday in Paris, baguettes, croissants, coffee”
  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Teena, more pictures of all the delicious food you are having!!!!

    Have a few more pastries and of course chocolates for me!!!

    Bye for now, Michelle

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