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Day 02 : Back in Paris – ooh la la!

June 8, 2008 No Comments
Ahhhhhhhh … back in Paris after 12 months in Sydney, Australia.

Following on from my blog post below about Departure Day – Day 01 – here is how I spent my first day in Paris.

As I walked up the stairs from the Metro at Abbesses in the 18th arrondissement, I could hear wonderful music.

As soon as I could see above the steps, I saw a wonderful sight – two guys in suits playing live music – one on a piano, the other on a trumpet, with a crowd gathered round.

My first sight in Paris :-) how wonderful is this?

I met fellow Aussie Gabrielle here and we did a bit of shopping, and then ended up in a fabulous restaurant a few streets away from the tourists. Neither of us had been here before, and we were drawn in the Moroccan feel, big cushions, open windows, simple decor and the aromas coming out of the kitchen tickled our noses until we walked in the door.

Le Restaurant – 32 rue Veron, 75018 Paris (corner rue Audran)
LeRestaurant.fr – website in English and French

We had a delicious lunch – 18Euro each for main course, and we shared a dessert – apple crumble – at 6.50 euro. A pichet of wine rounded out the experience, and we spent a couple of hours catching up and chatting.

Above: the Tagine I ordered was melt-in-the-mouth delicious, with delicious flavours!

After wandering around a bit more, we caught the Montmartre bus (smaller to navigate the tiny streets) up to Gabrielle’s cute apartment near Place du Tertre. 4 floors of stairs later, puffed (well, I was anyway), we reached her door – when she opened it I was greeted by Pumpkin (see photo) and Cody – the two fluffballs (both 16 years old!) and I tickled and scritched and scratched their ears and chins until they’d had enough. Over a coffee we looked out at the marvellous view – the full Eiffel Tower to the left, Sacre Coeur below, the valley out to the right. Aaaaaahhhhh how delicious!

A gentle rain was falling and we talked and talked, watched one of her favourite episodes of Entourage (US tv show) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As the sun doesn’t go down till 10pm, it’s hard to know what time it is. I had a fair idea it was getting later when I had trouble keeping my eyes open … always a clear sign :-)

After waving goodbye, I headed off in the gentle rain, lime green umbrella glowing like a beacon on the grey afternoon’s palette. I walked down the tiny winding streets, heading down down down, until I reached Rue des Abbesses, where I turned left towards the metro. I had already bought a carnet of 10 tickets, so headed down into the metro in the bowels of the earth, and travelled the four stops to Metro Max Dumoy. I had Bruno’s very clear instructions and map in my hand, so found my way back to his apartment without any problems.

Along the way I bought a baguette and half a dozen eggs, and my tiredness was starting to take over. Six or seven minutes later I arrived at the cute little rue de Louisiane in the 18th district, and punched in the security code to get in the door (common for all buildings in Paris).

Above: the brown door the right of the blue van is the entrance.
The apartment is on the 2nd floor, on the corner, above the blue van.

After slowly climbing the two flights, I stood at the door and fumbled for at least 15 minutes trying to work out how to open all the locks. Just when I was about to give up and knock on a neighbouring apartment door, I heard the click of success and fell into the apartment, greatly relieved :D

Above: the loungeroom in Bruno’s apartment – very cosy indeed!

I unpacked a few things and did start to feel peckish, so I boiled two eggs and ate them with fresh baguette, and before too long I had to climb into bed about 8:30pm.

What a wonderful first day I’ve had!

Apart from the actual journey, I feel at home here like no other place on earth I’ve visited, and being in an apartment is wonderful – soooo much better than a hotel, and this will help make my 3 weeks even better than last year.

Ciao for now, as I head off to have sweet dreams about living in Paris :-)

More soon!


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