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Day 5 : around the 18th arrondissement

June 10, 2008 No Comments

The word ‘arrondissement’ means ‘district’, and there are 20 districts in Paris, numbered by their postal codes of 75001 to 75020. I’m currently staying in the 18th (no need to say the word ‘arrondissement’ when talking about your district), and today I wandered around the streets near the apartment, strolled through the all-day markets selling […]

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Day 05 : meeting friends in Paris

June 10, 2008 No Comments

I woke at 5:30am this morning, after a great sleep, and even though I’m on hols, I couldn’t go back to sleep … so I made a cup of Earl Grey tea and savoured it whilst looking out over the apartment blocks I can see from the front floor-to-ceiling windows. A gentle grey dawn, no-one […]

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What’s on your Paris schedule?

Wondering what you can do while you’re in Paris? I have created a page on my website called PARIS...

Drinking champagne, in Seine in Paris

One of my all-time favourite things to do in Paris is to take visitors on a Champagne cruise at...