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Day 04 : buying a cellphone in Paris

June 9, 2008 No Comments

Didn’t update the blog today as my right hand/wrist is giving me lots of grief and I just have to rest it. Update: After almost a day of rest, I’ll type just a wee bit and update my Monday :-) It was a fabulously sunny day and quite warm after 2 days of chilly overcast […]

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Day 04 : Breakfast at Marx Dormoy ‘s Le Roi du Cafe

June 9, 2008 2 Comments

Monday morning. Today has dawned beautiful and sunny, and after a ten hour sleep, I was awake at 6am and bright as a button. I went out for a walk with a plan – buy croissants – come home and make coffee. But it was so lovely out and there were cafes open everywhere as […]

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What’s on your Paris schedule?

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Drinking champagne, in Seine in Paris

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